About Us

As a 501c3 tax exempt charity we take our mission to serve the needy of Washington seriously.

Band of Brothers Northwest began in late 2010 as a men’s growth group through Eastlake Community Church. This group of over 30 guys met weekly to enjoy fellowship and discuss topics on faith, love and what it is to be a Christian male in today’s world.

Around the Holiday season it was suggested that we rally the troops to help a group of single mothers in the church, to give them an opportunity to provide a better Christmas for their children.  In passing the hat around during a growth group meeting we were able to raise $1,800!  The money raised was then given to those in need in the form of gift cards, with which Thanksgiving meals, clothes and Christmas presents were purchased.

Upon immediately realizing the tremendous Impact that our efforts could have, we decided to pursue the path of charity that God was so clearly encouraging us to pursue.  Thus BoB’s (Band of Brothers) Wish List was born, with which a website was created, a network of like minded individuals was formed and the mission of helping others began to take shape.

What began as an idea to help put presents under the trees of those less fortunate in our church community, became in mere months, an official, state and government recognized, non-profit corporation.  BoBswishlist quickly outgrew not only its namesake but its overall scope and sphere of influence as well.  While Band of Brothers Northwest (BoBNW) was born out of the ashes of the wishlist, the underlying mission and overall purpose still remained the same; to help others in need.

Drawing on the support of our friends, family, fellow churchgoers, and other members of our community, BoBNW has been able to help people all over western Washington and beyond.  A family that lost their child in a tragic car accident, Toys for Tots of Puget Sound, fire victims who’d lost everything including loved ones, a 6 year old Leukemia patient and assist another family that lost a child to cancer, household items/clothing for individuals who were down on their luck, and serve as “big brothers” to kids with cancer at Children’s Hospital. We have been continuously involved with Special Olympics and Bridge Disability Ministries.

BoBNW has the the opportunity to nourish an ongoing partnership with KIRO 7 & news personality Jenni Hogan’s #mobiletweetup campaigns. Supporters of Foster Family’s in the greater puget sound region through a partnership with YFC, provided Christmas assistance to 25 “kids with kids”. We are a organization that does not want to “put help in a box” we know there’s a broad range of areas of people in need in our community and we want to be able to help wherever, whatever and whoever needs our assistance, love and grace.

There is no question that God has amazing things planned for our organization.  We are reminded daily just how expansive his love, grace and mercy are; by the amazing people, opportunities and gifts he continues to bestow upon us.  For all of which; we remain eternally grateful.

Our Friends