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The Anti-Burn Out Association (ABOA) Northwest is a charitable association that promotes authentic community among single mothers. We aspire to cultivate an environment that provides support, friendship, and the love of Christ to Single Moms and their children.

ABOA Northwest was born out of a passion for Single Moms and their children and the day to day challenges they experience. We realized there was an entire demographic of women that needed community, love, support and hope. ABOA Northwest provides a safe environment where Single Moms and their children can be catered to, served, and loved upon. All they have to do is show up…

The Birth of ABOA Northwest

In the beginning ABOA Northwest was a small growth group of eight women called, “Single Moms Work Their Tooshies Off!!” Through their interactions with each other as single moms, the group felt Divine intervention and the need to serve a demographic of single moms that are being overlooked in our community. A goal was set to help women who are managing to keep their heads above water but are emotionally and physically burned out from the demands of being a single parent.

ABOA Northwest Goal

  • ABOA Northwest Goal
  • The Goals:
    • To go forth and create multi-site in home locations where these meals can take place and flourish.
    • Help families in temporary crisis due to unforeseen circumstances out of their control

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